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Account Management

Thank you for your interest in the NINR system. Please complete the following steps to request an account:

  1. Download the appropriate template(s) from the list below.

    Administrative File Templates

    • Fill in the requested fields in the form(s) that require approval, then have it reviewed and approved by your institution.
    • Scan required form(s) and save to your computer.
  2. Upload your approved file(s) to support your request here. For each required form, select the appropriate File Type and click Choose File (or Browse). Find the approved file(s) on your computer and click Upload.

    Upload Supporting Documentation

    Please upload your signed administrative documentation to support your request here. Selected templates are available below.

    NOTE: Verify that the uploaded file appears here before proceeding to the next step.
    All account requests that do not have the required documents will not be approved.