Available CDEs

NLM CDE Toolkit: http://cde.nih.gov/

NINR CDEs:  https://cde.nlm.nih.gov/form/search?selectedOrg=NINR

More Information About NINR’s Available CDEs:

NINR first developed a set of CDEs commonly collected in all symptom studies -- Sleep Disturbance, Fatigue, Pain, and Cognitive/Affect -- regardless of diagnosis. Along with symptoms, the NINR CDE Working Group included demographic information (e.g., date of birth/ age, race, ethnicity); on participants throughout a study.

NINR will continue to develop CDEs for other science areas, such as self-management science. Importantly, the NINR CDE Working Group continues to work with NINR funded Centers and continues to collect feedback from the scientific community to achieve its goals.

NINR recognizes that researchers may have longstanding data collection protocols that do not incorporate the specific measures that have been developed into CDEs. In such situations, it may be necessary to collect data using more than one measure to ensure compatibility with legacy data as well as to allow data from multiple laboratories to be easily aggregated as the field moves forward. Researchers may also want to include additional measures of a construct to best address their hypotheses. This effort does not preclude the use of measures in addition to other CDEs that have been established.